Monday, November 29, 2010

Update on Pablo's hearing

Pablo's hearing took place today Monday, 11/29/2010 at 9am. He relayed to the judge that we have recently hired immigration lawyer Stan Weber and set the next hearing date to Jan. 6th, 2011. We should be meeting up with Weber later this week and setting up a time for him to meet with Pablo as well.

Judge Abrams was very impressed at the amount of letters and petitions received in support of Pablo and took note that many people came out in support of Pablo. Though all were not allowed in the courtroom it was brought to Judge Abrams attention that there were even more people in the waiting room.

Pablo brought to the judges attention that he was not notified that his bond was overturned (the result of which is his current detainment). The district attorney was very unorganized and couldn't show documentation as to why this happened. It is also unclear WHY it was overturned in the first place. The DA couldn't explain that either. Pablo's lawyer will surely be looking into this.

I've heard from several sources that Judge Abrams is a fair and compassionate judge and from what I saw that seemed to be true. Example: Abrams requested several times that Pablo have at least one hand uncuffed-that it was not necessary for both to be restrained. After the judge asked about three times the officer on duty finally honored his request.

Heather of fame was there reporting on the case. Photographs can be found here:

Please check back frequently for updates!

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