Monday, November 29, 2010

How you can help

There are several things you all can do to help Pablo:

1- Donate money via Paypal to * -This money will go to his legal fund

2- Donate money to Pablo directly via  This money will keep food in Pablo's stomach. They tend to starve them in there. He can also use this money to buy stamps and letter writing materials.

3- Write letters to Judge Abrams. Even if you've already signed one of the form letters please take the time to write a personal letter. It will have a much greater impact on Judge Abrams.

4- Continue to circulate petitions! Email me at for the petition form.

5- Raise money! Throw benefits no matter how small or large. Every penny helps.

6- Raise awareness- Please contact blogs and press. Please let me know if you personally know anyone at any of NYC's newspapers.

7- Write politicians- Local or not. Pablo's immigration lawyer, Stan Weber, said that it is crucial that we have the backing of politicians. A handful of us are meeting up to brainstorm and write letters at the end of this week. Email me if you are willing to help out.

8- We have an art benefit coming up soon and will be needing donations.  Please contact me a.s.a.p. if you're interested.

Thanks everyone and contact me at with any questions, suggestions, art submissions, etc.

*If you don't have a credit card and would like to donate money via cash, check or money order to Pablo please email me.

**NOTE** Please hold off on sending books to Pablo. He's only allowed a few at a time and already has over 20 (thanks to his generous friends!). I'll let you know when it's ok to send him more. You CAN however send him printed material.

Update on Pablo's hearing

Pablo's hearing took place today Monday, 11/29/2010 at 9am. He relayed to the judge that we have recently hired immigration lawyer Stan Weber and set the next hearing date to Jan. 6th, 2011. We should be meeting up with Weber later this week and setting up a time for him to meet with Pablo as well.

Judge Abrams was very impressed at the amount of letters and petitions received in support of Pablo and took note that many people came out in support of Pablo. Though all were not allowed in the courtroom it was brought to Judge Abrams attention that there were even more people in the waiting room.

Pablo brought to the judges attention that he was not notified that his bond was overturned (the result of which is his current detainment). The district attorney was very unorganized and couldn't show documentation as to why this happened. It is also unclear WHY it was overturned in the first place. The DA couldn't explain that either. Pablo's lawyer will surely be looking into this.

I've heard from several sources that Judge Abrams is a fair and compassionate judge and from what I saw that seemed to be true. Example: Abrams requested several times that Pablo have at least one hand uncuffed-that it was not necessary for both to be restrained. After the judge asked about three times the officer on duty finally honored his request.

Heather of fame was there reporting on the case. Photographs can be found here:

Please check back frequently for updates!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Greenpoint Gazette

Photo by Jesse Sposato  
Airaldi's shop, Greenpoint Bikes Photo by Jesse Sposato

What’s Next for Pablo Airaldi?

Community rallies against the deportation of a Greenpoint business owner

Pablo Airaldi, founder and owner of fledgling bike shop Greenpoint Bikes, is now under the threat of deportation after a string of unusual events, two years of detainments and continuous court dates and ten years of trying to move past a mistake he made when he was eighteen years old. Now, the Greenpoint community is rallying around him to raise money for legal fees, provide a comprehensive support system and do everything in their power to make sure he stays in the United States, and in the neighborhood.
Airaldi was born in Uruguay and moved to the United States when he was seven years old, along with his mother, who married a U.S. citizen. Since then, Airaldi has lived as a legal resident here. In 2002, Airaldi pleaded guilty to a crime upon the counsel of a public defender without understanding the possible ramifications to his status as a legal resident. Upon pleading guilty, he was issued two years probation and a 545-day jail sentence, which was subsequently suspended indefinitely. Since 2002, Airaldi has had a clean record, lived in several cities throughout the United States and opened his own business on Manhattan Avenue. However, in 2008, when Airaldi tried to travel to Canada with friends, he was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and told that his status as a legal resident was in jeopardy. He was incarcerated, but released on a $3,000 bond. Since then, he has had mandatory court dates every three months, and is now being held in a detention center in New Jersey awaiting a trial that may or may not result in his deportation. If deported, Airaldi—who is considered under immigration law to be an aggravated felon, making him vulnerable to deportation—will be sent back to Uruguay, a place where he has no friends or family, and does not speak the language.
“Every Detainee is in here because of some infraction to current immigration laws which have seen fantastic revisions over the past decade. These infractions make them deportable for one reason or another,” Airaldi wrote in a letter dated November 2, 2010. “I was originally brought over to this country in 1988 and have been a legal permanent resident since 1991. By 15 I was on my own, by 17 I was homeless. I did whatever I could to get by and caught a theft charge one month after my 18th birthday. Since I was too poor to afford a snickers bar, let alone a criminal attorney, I was appointed a public defender who forcefully advised me to plead guilty, telling me nothing of consequences that it might bring to my immigration status.”
Victoria Tychan, Becky Wise and Kathleen Hennerty have spearheaded efforts to aid Airaldi as he tries to navigate the waters of immigration law: he is choosing to represent himself in court.
“I’ve done a lot of research, trying to understand how the immigration process works. I know that [Airaldi] wholeheartedly cares for the community of Greenpoint. I know that he was living for his job at the bike shop—he would constantly tell me about people he’d helped in some way and how good it made him feel to contribute,” said Tychan, who has been involved in Airaldi’s case since 2008. “He loves bikes and he loves people, and he was really proud of where he was in his life. He had a lot of goals for trying to reach out to people who couldn’t afford bikes who needed them. He would barter and trade with people to try and help them out.”
Tychan, Wise and Hennerty organized a fundraising event last Friday night in honor of Airaldi, in an effort to raise money for impending legal fees, and to increase community awareness about Airaldi’s situation.
“He’s such a giver to the communities he belongs to, he goes above and beyond,” said Hennerty, who has lived in Greenpoint for the past ten years. “He’s always active, always trying to better the neighborhood. He’s someone who needs to be here.”
Sam Paul, another Greenpoint resident and longtime friend of Airaldi’s, echoed Hennerty’s sentiment, explaining that “Pablo is a really supportive and community-oriented person.”
Airaldi’s next hearing will be held on Monday, November 29th at Varick Immigration Court at 201 Varick St. Room 1140 at 9am.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Petitions and letters to Judge Abrams need to be deliverd tomorow

If you're a Brooklyn resident you can drop off the paperwork you have to me tonight Tuesday, 11/23/10 to:

Van Gogh's Radio Lounge
147 Franklin Street
between India and Java

now until 4am.

Ask for Kat

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Media Contacts

Hey everyone,

We have pieces being written up about Pablo's case in The Brooklyn Paper, The Village Voice & The Greenpoint Gazette. If anyone has contacts with any other publications please shoot me an email.

I'd also like to give thanks to all of the blogs that have been posting about Pablo. You're all amazing.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pablo's contact & donation information

Please send letters and photos (up to 8x10) to Pablo:
Pablo Airaldi #240750
E500 South
Hudson County Correctional Facility
30-35 S Hackensack Ave
Kearny, NJ 07032

You can send books, paperback only, to him Via

To donate to Pablo's legal fund please do so Via Paypal to

Letter from Pablo


1. What did he do?
Pablo didn't do anything wrong/different. His deportation case has been going on for more than a year and when he went to his regular court date recently, they took away his bond and put him in custody again.

2. Ok, why do they want to deport him?
Pablo got himself in trouble back when he was 18. He served his probation and everything but this incident made him "deportable." Deportations have reached a record high in the Obama administration.

3. Is he an alien?
Pablo arrived here at 9 years old and is a legal permanent resident.

4. Ok, but, Pablo must just be a troublemaker, right?
Quite the contrary. Pablo has always been an active member of his community and recently he helped open a bike shop in Greenpoint, BK. He has been working with the community to make improvements, as shown by several articles written about him.

5. Whatever, I love Pablo. How can I help?
We still need money for legal fees and detainment expenses (attend the benefit!), and most of all he would like letters and pictures no bigger than 8x10!

Pablo Airaldi #240750
E500 South
Hudson County Correctional Facility
30-35 S Hackensack Ave
Kearny, NJ 07032

Pablo Airaldi Deportation Hearing

WHEN: Monday, November 29 · 9:00am - 10:00am
Varick Immigration Court
201 Varick St. Room 1140
New York, NY
Pablo's judge specifically requested that he bring support to his hearing to see the community he says he would be leaving behind. This is the easiest way to help and could very possibly help prevent his deportation.

You can also write a letter of recommendation to Judge Abrams.

Petitions can be signed at:

1-Champion Coffee (1108 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn) 7ap-7pm
2-Van Gogh's Radio Lounge: 147 Franklin Street between India and Java, Greenpoint, Brooklyn between 4pm and 4am
3-If you don't live in NYC and would like a copy of the petition sent to you, please send a request to

Benefit this Saturday in Indianapolis, IN!


Ongoing: To sign a copy of the petition in support of Pablo's freedom, check out one of these two places in Indianapolis.

East Side of Indianapolis
Midwest Tattoo Co.
5605 N. Keystone Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46220
317 466 1623 (contact Bradd)

West Side of Indianapolis
Altered Image
10030 E. US 36
Avon, IN 46123
317 423 9390 (contact Jen)

Benefit show Friday 11/19/2010

Date: Friday 11/19/2010
Time: Doors @8/Show @9
Place: The Production Lounge: 113 Franklin St., Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Contact: Kat @ 917.678.6129


Bands:(not in order)
Cell Theorem
Guts For Garters
Beauty Apes



Kimpanzee (starting at 8pm)

Other Performers

burlesque by Babes on Bikes
a fire/dance performance by Shay Williams.


We can't forget the treats!
Amy Herman from The Bake Easy will be selling $3 yummy vegan cupcakes at the benefit with 100% of the proceeds going to Pablo!

Note: If you can't attend the show but would like to donate to Pablo's legal fund, please do so via paypal to